Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Hogan Corporation add to our apartment project?

    A. Hogan Corporation brings extensive knowledge of selling off the plan projects. With this knowledge comes expertise in markets and marketing, local and off shore, including input for design and trends, management of sales teams and channel agents, advertising and promotions, contract processing and much more.

  • How many developments does Hogan Corporation work with at any one time?

    A. Depending on the size of the projects we can work on up to four or five but would prefer to work and complete all sales on two to three projects at any one time.

  • How much lead time do you need?

    A. A satisfactory lead time would be eight weeks, however if circumstances arise we are able to hit the ground running with a week's notice or less.

  • What are the benefits of Hogan Corporation being involved in the project from the start?

    A. There are several benefits of Hogan Corporation being involved from the start, these include: Commercial mezzanine project funding for you the developer. Brokers to assist with settlement funding for the individual purchasers. Property management available for all investors

  • Does Hogan Corporation provide full settlement coordination?

    A. The Hogan Corporation team are experienced with the full process and can reduce this stressful time for developers; beginning with settlement packs, through the reporting period to final inspections and handover.