Our Services

Educational Seminars

Our seminars educate attendees about successfully using investment properties as a long term wealth option.

International Markets.

Access to substantial databases of pre-qualified individuals that we utilise in direct marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation.

We leave no lead generation possibility to chance and harness online marketing to capture a new global audience.

What we do

We are the marketing experts in the off the plan marketing of apartments and boutique residential developments.

We connect with buyers both locally and internationally. Our uniquely targeted marketing style attracts motivated buyers, ready for purchase. Jennifer Hogan Projects offers a unique Turn Key Solution in the competitive property market.

During the campaign, we use a refined set of processes that have been specifically designed to get you the best possible result, locally and internationally.

Unlike any other agency we offer a complete service from the inception of a project, complete marketing and sales of that project, contracts distribution, finance arrangements, settlement, insurance options, property leasing and after sales care of the customer.

For you, the developer, this means an integrated and streamlined service which allows for more control of variables, therefore, projected targets are completed on time and efficiently by our entire team.

We can also connect you to buyers from all over the world. This international exposure is an added dimension no other agency can rival. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of personal and professional service to make the selling process easy and rewarding for all our clients.

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"With the benefit of experience, we take the time to understand your needs up front."

Jennifer Hogan